Thank you so much to all my fellow wedding professional peers for voting me 2016-“Best of Borrowed & Blue-Hamptons“! It is such a compliment to be acknowledged by so many of the talented, kind and extremely hardworking wedding pros in our area. I am humbled and honored to be considered! I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with such amazing people who I can also call friends! Congratulations to all the well deserved winners!

Voted one of the Best Wedding Photographers by my peers!

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Kaleigh and Vincent are the kind of people that remind you that kindness is all around us! That wonderful trait is what brought them together. Kaleigh puts it like this “We met in 2006 in our first years of college, in Biology class. We always caught each other’s eye while laughing about the same, silly things people would say or do in class. One day he approached me asking for my notes to study from for the final… and needless to say, he ended up passing. He later returned my notes in person to ask me on a date, to which I declined. I told him I had cheerleading practice, then dance, and then Grey’s anatomy was on so, no I couldn’t. But I did end up calling him and we made a date. We dated and got a chance to get to know each other for a while before we became official. We’ve been together 1/3 of our lives which is pretty amazing to think!” I love that you can see in all the photos just how much they love and enjoy each other!

They chose the beautiful Mansion at Timber Point to celebrate with their closest family and friends. On the way there from the Church we stopped at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum and it might have been one of the most gorgeous days I’ve ever had to photograph a wedding, The light and the clouds were absolutely spectacular! It was funny because at the beginning of the day when we were leaving Kaleigh’s Parents’ house it was actually a little dreary and it started snowing, and all the girls were catching snowflakes with their tongues. It was the cutest! The night continued to be just as amazing as everyone danced the night away and enjoyed spending time together celebrating two of their favorite people.

In this blog post I also want to celebrate the life of one of their close friends who attended the wedding that Sunday and sadly had his life taken from him less than 48 hours later,
Randolph Holder.  I have the utmost respect for the dedication of the Police Officers that protect us all everyday. Not all of us are lucky enough to know them as friends or ever see the camaraderie and bond between them and fellow officers but when you get to witness it, it is truly special. My heart broke when I heard the news and I knew I wanted to celebrate his life and their friendship somehow and photographs are the way I know best. I am thankful that I got to give Kaleigh, Vincent, and Randy’s family printed photographs to help them remember him at a happy time.

A special shout out to Bilski Productions for being so wonderful to work with! The talented Toni Robertson for second shooting for me. Flowers by Lake Grove Village Florist and the Cake created by the Rolling Pin Bakery.

Here are some of my favorites from their day to share:

Bride admiring her dressBridal Party and Snow funBeautiful bridegroomsmen funLOev and light with the bride and groomBrise and Groom

“A great soul serves everyone at the same time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” ~ Maya Angelou

Bride and Groom with friends

A special memory of Randy. (above)

  • Katrina Wallace - Beautiful moments Sherry! Love it!

  • Victoria Christophe - Love these, such a clean pure look!

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The moment I met with Kristin and Chris I instantly enjoyed their company! They are just so kind and easygoing. You could see right away why they were a couple. When they told me they had been together since high school, I was blown away. That doesn’t happen all that often anymore. I got to photograph their Engagement Session last November, and they were just so relaxed, lighthearted and fun. I truly couldn’t wait until the day I got to photograph their Wedding at the gorgeous Raphael Vineyard, and on November 7th, that is exactly what I did! It was a beautiful Fall day; they had their closest family and friends by their side to celebrate and to no surprise, they surround themselves with exactly the kind of people they are, kind and super fun! Between the vibrant Fall colored flowers by the talented Becky Jens of Moments in Time Floral Design, Kristin’s stunning dress and the amazing venue they chose, it was a day full of love and happiness.  I could not have asked for a better Wedding to end my season with.
Here are some sweet words from Kristin about how they met! “Chris and I grew up a few blocks away from each other. We met through mutual friends at Manhasset Middle School during our “awkward stages.” Chris would tease me relentlessly, though now he says that he was flirting. We became best friends over our mutual love of music & food and always made each other laugh.
Our first kiss was on New Years Eve, 10 years ago this January. I was a sophomore in high school, Chris was a junior. We stayed together through college, me at Marist & Chris at the University of Buffalo. It wasn’t easy but the 7 hour Amtrak ride couldn’t keep us apart!
10 years later we are married and still making each other laugh every day. We don’t have to worry about our parents breaking out the awkward prom pictures or telling embarrassing stories. We have been by each others sides through the good and the bad and can’t wait for our next adventures!”
A special shout out and thank you to my great friend Joe Appel for being there by my side and shooting this wonderful wedding with me. He’s a super talented and amazing friend! Here are some of my favorites from the day to share:

Bride and Groom in Raphael Vines

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Morgan and Bryan had a gorgeous Fall day to surprise (most of) their family and friends with their Hallockville Museum Farm Wedding! Yes I said surprise them! Everyone thought they were attending their Engagement Party. Sneaky right, it sure was! Well with Bryan’s sense of humor and Morgans amazing planning the day went absolutely perfectly with a sweet ceremony officiated by the wonderful Reverand Sarah Margaret right before sunset. They celebrated after the ceremony by dancing the night away to the sounds of Tradewinds the Band who rocked the barns roof off. They have a very sweet love story that is so worth sharing. Check it out:
Morgan tells it like this, “So, Bryan and I actually met on Tinder… Bryan loves to tell the story about how I “swiped right” first and he was some stud muffin picking and choosing only the most worthy of his attention… then poof! We were a magical match!
Truth is, I immediately connected to his eyes. They were kind…He had a sweet smile and kind eyes. When I looked at him, I saw a sincere, genuine man and I instantly wanted to know him.
We began dating in mid-January and we were basically inseparable ever since. He would probably tell you that he didn’t think I was interested at first!  (But, it might have had something to do with the fact that he threatened to put a paper bag on my head if I wasn’t pretty…  Obviously, he thinks he’s hysterical and he’s been pushing those limits since Day 1! If I say it once, I must say it a hundred times a day- “You are so lucky you’re cute….”
In a very short amount of time, we realized that we became a cliché… When you know, you know. But why stop there? Just as we seem to always do, we stopped listening to the world around us and did things “our way”.  It has been so much more fun this way! We began planning the engagement party/surprise wedding well before we were even engaged! He (finally) made it official on July 3, 2015 (Yes, you did the math correctly!) We were together for less than 6 months when we decided that we were having so much fun already, we might as well make it forever! Although our loved ones were a bit skeptical, I had no concerns about the quick (and, well, short!) engagement. Even his daughter, Peighton, was all-in from the very beginning. We were already becoming a family, our wedding just made it official!
I found everything I was looking for in a partner when I found Bryan. We bicker and argue just like everybody else… But, there’s something really special that comes from actually talking through the challenging times. He hears me. He supports me and my crazy ideas and dreams… And, somehow, Bryan makes everything seem so obtainable.  He is truly my best friend and I can’t even remember what life was like without him…
There are no other words to describe how my life has changed since meeting Bryan… It was “organic” from the start! Everything had just fallen so perfectly into place and I knew that my whole life was leading me to that one, singular moment when I would finally be able to look at my life and think “It all, finally, makes sense…” Everything in my life was leading me to the single moment when I found him… my amazing husband, hidden behind the kindest eyes I have ever seen.
A special thank you to my talented friend Lisa Nicolosi for second shooting with me. Here are some of my favorites form the day to share with you:
bride and groom night shotflower girl petting puppyfirst look bride and groomgroom at altarfather walking bride down aisledancing fun

Some of the talented North Fork Vendors that helped make the day perfect: The beautiful flower arrangements were designed by Blooms by Design. The cake and cupcakes by La Bonne Boulangerie.
  • Morgan Jonelle - Thank you, Sherry and Lisa Nicolosi, for capturing such wonderful memories of such an amazing day!!! Awesome music (Tradwinds), food (Maple Tree, Riverhead), lighting (Moriches Flowers), flowers (Julie at Blooms by Design), rentals (American Tent) and awesome rustic touches (In the Attic Too) make this amazing event at Hallockville Museum Farm the most magical day! It was beyond my wildest dreams and I’m so grateful to have shared those moments with such fantastic people! xoxo

  • Katrina Wallace - Wow these are amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE these images! Well done Sherry and Lisa!!! Congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds!!!

  • Bryan steiger - One word, “AMAZING.” Such talent. You truly captured every moment perfectly. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend you ladies to anyone and everyone.

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Jessica and Ryan have been together for 11 years. They met in College at SUNY Albany and the rest is history from there. They have been in love ever since! When you are with them you get to witness this love and it’s truly special to be around. Ryan’s smile when he see’s Jessica is so sweet and Jessica’s gorgeous eyes light up in a way you don’t see everyday when she is with Ryan. It’s easy to see why they married each other that’s for sure!

I got to know them a little better when we did their Engagement Session on a beautiful evening in Long Beach last summer. After work they enjoy relaxing on the beach, watching the sunset with a nice bottle of wine to share and just enjoying each other’s company all with their faithful companion Bruno by their sides!

They love the water so they chose Cowfish Restaurant in Hampton Bays to get married at. It was early October which is usually pretty warm and sunny but Hurricane Joaquin threw a little wrench in weather wise and it was a tad cold and very windy. Yet somehow it was still perfect! With all their family and friends by their side they said their vows under the Willow tree and danced the night away to the music of East End Entertainment! So much love and emotion everywhere! It was just perfect!

I also need to send a big thank you out to my talented friend/Photographer Katrina Wallace for coming from Arizona to shoot two weddings in a row with me. She’s amazing! And now here are a few of my favorites from the day to share:

  • Katrina Wallace - love love love!!! such great people and despite the cold such a wonderful wedding! thanks for having me a long with you!

  • Brianne Stoehr - Beautiful photos! Wish I could have been there to experience this happy wedding. Congrats again!

  • Eileen Bacchi - Such amazing pictures of a fantastic wedding!!!! These pictures show the great love you have for each other!! We had a great time! Love you Jess and Ryan!!!!

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